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The story of a recent install for a lovely couple in Giffnock, by Glenlith Interiors

On the initial contact call from the client, we were informed: "Glenlith Interiors come highly recommended to fit our Kitchen, however, we are on a tight budget, can this happen?"....... The answer, of course.
We got our designer to measure the project to the exact millimetre, then install dimensions on our state of art kitchen CAD software. We took a style from our entry level range in a modern handleless light Grey Matt with anti-fingerprint technology (sold as high end modern from others). We used our Rothwell Matt Grey handleless on this occasion, as our client gave a good indication on the colour scheme intended. The Rothwell is only available in Four shades, White, Cashmere, Light Grey and Dust Grey, if any of those shades suits you, a bargain is there for the taking!

The sister style is the "Lacarre" same door style in high gloss available in Three shades, White, Cream and Light Grey
As a family of 5, a dining area was introduced in design attached to peninsular using Halifax Oak, this adding some texture to this clean design. This was an optional extra that could be removed in the eleventh hour if not required, not affecting design/order in any way. We added Silestone Blanco Norte, as this is one of our hand picked Eight selected shades from our Quartz range that we purchase in bulk, this allowing us to supply and install solid Quartz for the same price of Corian and just a little more than laminate.....Yes, laminate! As I explain to clients if you had the option of a diamond or cubic zirconia for the same price, what would you choose?.... Exactly!!!!
Our CAD design was sent to the client with the cost to supply and INSTALL, not supply only, like Howdens, Magnet and Benchmarx, where you then need to find a team to install. When that happens, you realise, that massive saving with them just got swallowed up with a couple of builders or 1st fix wood butchers who do attic conversions Monday to Friday (lunchtime) and consider an inch or 12.7 millimetres! But don't panic, "We install kitchens all the time" according to them. This process usually has one outcome, you are left with a standard kitchen installed badly with funds depleted! Rant over!

Anyway, we sent a quote to client leaving out the additional extras that make a kitchen great. We priced the additional extras as an option, including LED lighting, Magic corners, Blum Space Tower and undermount sink with premium tap....The order was placed there and then, and you can see from the pictures, the client obviously had enough left in the budget adding all the extras offered, making that kitchen GREAT!
Please remember, we are a small bespoke company with little overheads and lots of clout in the fitted furniture industry. We don't get roped into franchises with German suppliers, who tell you what to sell for a minimum of £20k. Our standard of workmanship and attention to detail speaks volumes, attracting the attention of the manufacturers, after all, we manage to push the limits, think outside that box, achieving the very best from their product, that's why their reps offer us attractive discounts, in most cases, more than the showrooms!.....And we don't have the showroom costs, is it sinking in yet? The client was delighted and you can read their testimonial by clicking here.

We have insiders who keep us informed with prices from other suppliers, you may choose to go with them, but I can honestly, hand on heart, say you will be paying so much more for the same. If you think you are getting a better deal, by the time you realise it's not, it will be too late!

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